In October 2011 I started this blog to document my research about RVs and the RV lifestyle. I also was going to write about my travels along with photos just like all the other travel blogs. I hesitated a lot about traveling because I had two basset hounds and a big bloodhound to travel with and with only two hands I didn't know if that was possible. That type of breed is heavy on scents and do not stay around once they are locked onto one.

I read RV blogs, RV forums daily ... I looked at RVs for sale online, visited Camping World in Indianapolis and those listed locally on Craig's List. By September 2013 I bought a 2003 Coachmen Class C. I barely had the room to park it where I live. I also barely had room inside for two basset hounds and that big bloodhound. So even then I wasn't sure if it was the right vehicle to travel in. Within a week after I bought it I had some minor mechanical problems to fix. So I winterized it and let it set for the Winter.

By that following April 2014, and an addition rear inside flat tire to fix, I decided the Class C was not the right RV so I sold it the first week of great weather. At that time I was considering towing a small trailer with my H3 Hummer that I had at that time.

A few weeks later in April 2014 I retired, with no RV, with no Trailer and not really sure what I wanted to buy or travel in. Within a month my tow vehicle went from the H3 Hummer to a Chevy 2500 Silverado 4x4 HD to a Toyota FJ Cruiser. With those changes I went from looking at the 18' Nash trailer to a 19' or 17' Escape trailer out of Canada, that I put a deposit on for a new one.

All of that is documented in the blog, so you can check the blog archives for that time period.

During those three years I was still unsure if I could travel with my hounds and wrote about it. I also couldn't make up my mind whether to sell my house or not. It was paid for and was part of my retirement plan of staying here. By the end of the summer in 2014 I had decided that my traveling would not take place as long as I had my three hounds.

In June 2015 I had still had the urge to travel, so I loaded the hounds, my tent, camping equipment and head for Colorado and Utah for a short vacation. Overall it was a success. The hounds traveled well and they had no issues staying in the tent. Yet, there were some inconveniences traveling with them that made it more work than fun.

So by this time the plan to travel or buy an RV was basically put on the back burner until the number of hounds I have decreases. A lot of readers didn't agree with that and as I wrote less about RVing and more about every day living in a small rural area with my three hounds, the readers changed as well as the focus of the blog. I had a lot of reader feedback telling me they wanted to see photos of the hounds and read about their daily lives.

So by April 2015 this blog was more about the Hounds than it was RVs ... still all of that RV research, photos of what I considered to buy, the pros and cons, is all on this blog where you can either do a search in the upper right sidebar, read the blog archives or check the labels in the lower right sidebar to read about the topic you are interested in.

Welcome to Hounds RVs and Other Stuff. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at houndsnrvs at gmail dot com.


  1. Hi Steve: You are going through a lot with retirement "redefining myself" and also with letting go "dogs getting old." Maybe you should read Tom Ryan's account of life with his elderly dog Atticus at http://tomandatticus.blogspot.com/ Onward by all means.

    1. I've been following Tom Ryan's blog via my Feedly feed. I put him back on my blog list so someone that has never heard or read his story can find it. I know I only found his blog through you. Pet owners always know the deal when owning a dog but when that time comes it's always tough. To think I have four hounds where I will have to go through this process. It never gets easier after having a basset since 1987 and a bloodhound since 1999. Thanks for reading the blog.