Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hounds Take A Ride

As much as I like to have a spotless car most of the time, if not all the time, I thought while the temps were cool on Saturday afternoon that it was time for the hounds to have their first ride in the FJ. They were very familiar with the vehicle so all three of them assumed their normal seating. I lifted Heidi up to the drivers seat and she climbed over the console to take her co-pilot position. Sadie and Stella have no problem sharing the back with the back seats folded down.
I don't take them everywhere I go, especially now during the hottest time of year. These rides are non-stop flights from the house and back to the house. The windows are down most of the time and in the FJ only the front windows roll down. All windows in the back do not, the tailgate window does open up but I cannot give Stella a 1/2" of space where she thinks she can get out.

Even with the early summer floods a lot of the fields have recovered, some were replanted. Combined with all the sunny days, the soybeans and corn all looked very good. You will notice a standing 'house' in this picture. That is a water pump for the local water company. In 2008 the flooded field had water up to the bottom of that house looking structure ... but no damage.

I am getting a little better at taking photos while driving, just by holding the camera up pointed out the passenger window. I keep my eyes on the road and when I hear the beep that it is focused I press the shutter. So I never know if I have captured the picture like I intended.

I have mentioned I live in an area of hilly terrain. Only 5 miles west of me, the land is flat as far as you can see. It's quite a contrast being so close.

I saw in the online paper last night that a larger grain silo of this type exploded as they were loading trucks. Something in the metal, heat and all of that corn was the cause. I don't know that much about it. No one was hurt. It said that the farmer's son posted the picture on Facebook and had over a million views. I am surprised this picture turned out as good as it did since I was 'shooting blind'. Still too blurry.

No, Sadie is not in distress. She always likes to sit in the very back so she can look out those small corner windows. She does not wear a collar so a leash is not attached. That red bungee cord is stored that way and is used to hold the 32gl container when I take the recycling material to the local center. Yes ... there will be hound nose smudges on all windows except the driver's window ... that is just the way it is with hounds that like to ride.

I took this picture while holding my camera facing the rear, lining up the camera's picture in my rear view mirror.

I have a reader that may recognize these. He was in the area a few years ago and was taking pictures along this train track in a nearby town.

Heidi doesn't say much when she rides. She never whines, never barks but just sits with her nose resting on the edge of the window so the air fills her nose with scents. I always wonder what she really does smell when I am going 55mph or how it feels to her.

This is a typical country highway in this area. Some parts of this highway flood over depending on how much rain there is as far north as Indianapolis.

More great looking soybeans.

I take this road sometimes in the Z4 but I never take my camera. When I am in that car I just enjoy the drive and am not really interested in taking pictures. There are times in that car I need both hands on the steering wheel.

If  you have a weak stomach you would not be able to drive on this road. In this short stretch there are three steep hills going up and down within a short distance. One of those short steep hills are hidden in this photo. You almost feel like the wheels of your car are off the ground as you crest a couple of these hilltops.

We returned home with no problems. Before we were close to home all three hounds were laying down and sound to sleep. Winston use to fall asleep within minutes after starting the drives. He did that when I brought him home as a 8 week old basset hound puppy and slept most of the 5 hour drive.

I wasn't able to get a clear picture of Stella riding. To give you some idea, she will move around the back pressing her nose against each window to see if one will open. She does the same thing with her nose when trying to open the door to get inside. Due to her excitement riding, she will drool a lot. All I will say about that is, I have a rag I take and try to wipe the bottom of her mouth off before she leaves it inside the FJ.

That's hard to do when she is out of reach. The drool is comparable to Gorilla Glue, one of the benefits of owning a bloodhound. Not all hounds drool but those that do keep me on my toes and aware at all times ... especially when they shake their head from side to side.

As you can tell from some of the photos I still need practice keeping my hand steady as I hold the Nikon D3200 with one hand and steer the FJ with the other.

It's beautiful country here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Fun to be able to take them out on the road again, isn't it. Nice to have the room to do that now.

    1. It was nice to ride with them. They enjoy going anywhere. It's better to take them than to leave Heidi watching the house from the couch and locking the bloodhounds up in my bedroom to protect them from injury and my property. LOL

  2. Hello, my name is greg and I'm a train addict.

    Can't go by tracks without checking them out!!

    Grain dust in the right concentration is as explosive as gasoline vapors and there have been some horrific explosions over the years.

    1. That's exactly what happened. The grain did not catch far until it was flowing out of the crashing silo. It looked like water flooding before it caught fire.