Monday, July 31, 2017

Yes I Did It Again

There were only a few readers that caught on that there might have been a recent car transaction. Then, some more asking questions by making comments on the blog or emailing me. I decided it was time to explain.

This is not to make fun of any kind of addicts because addiction is a serious and terrible thing ... but I do see myself standing in a room with a bunch of strangers, raising my hand and stating ... "Hi my name is Steve and I am a car addict". For you long time readers there are no surprises here in this post but possibly a lot of laughter from the location you sit.

Sadie & Stella Don't See Deer Again !!

I am beginning to think that Sadie and Stella need to go in for some maintenance on their noses. For the 2nd time this summer I've seen deer close to me and close to them with no response. For the 2nd time in 14 hours, two deer have been within 30' last night and at the first corner this morning ... no response by the hounds.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

An Active Sunday Morning Walk

Since it dropped into the 50's last night after reaching a high of 80° yesterday I knew the field was going to be extremely wet this morning as I put on my North Face snow boots. That would make no difference to Sadie. While I was lacing up the boots I decided Stella would have what I call total freedom this morning ... she could go anywhere she wanted at her pace ... I was not going to be 'herding' the hounds this morning.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

It Wasn't HughesNet Gen 5's Fault -- Our Internet Service Was Out

I did not notice it storming Thursday night after I had moved to the living room away from the computer. How could that be, since it looked like it had stormed when I took Sadie outside around 10:30pm? The Reds game wasn't going well so I turned off the game and started reading a book ... only to fall asleep for an hour. Only when I went back to my computer around 11pm and could not get any websites to load did I realize I had a problem. I had lost my internet service.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hounds Attacked By Butterflies

Maybe Stella knew what was going to happen before Sadie and I did because she stood and stared as Sadie and I took off for the 4pm walk. That photo was taken with a 200mm zoom lens so we were fairly far away and I could tell Stella had plans of her own. What I didn't know just what the afternoon walk would bring out.

The Hounds Take Their 1st Walk Ever In Rain

As the hounds went outside first thing in the morning while I poured their breakfast kibble, I could tell the weather experts were correct today ... it had rained over night. There was just a little standing water in the flowerbed (normal spot) where I am going to have a large rock dropped soon. Wunderground was showing rain 75% and down to 50% chances solid until Friday morning ... finally after a couple of hours I decided why not?  Sadie and Stella would take their first walk ever in the rain.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Heidi Shows Basset Hound Initiative & Major Ranting

Heidi caused quite a stir from the blog posts yesterday, on this blog plus her Wordpress blog. People seem to think that is her on the poster that was was posted. She wants to clarify that it's not, that she is much more energetic than that basset hound. She did want to show that she is quite flexible in the morning hours where she only eats and sleeps. She changed her direction this morning, facing north instead of south, while sleeping on the couch. Not until after her lunch was over did she get a bath and manicure.

A warning for some readers while others like it ... so an announcement there is some MAJOR ranting and rambling in today's post.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Heidi Will Pass On That Morning Walk

Life is pretty rough being a Basset Hound. They have a reputation of being lazy, sleep a lot, shed a lot, a deep bark if they bark at all ... but they have energy and can run fast enough not to be caught if they spy a rabbit. Heidi has a few spots throughout the house where she can take naps during the day or sleep at night. She will get up for breakfast kibble but is back to sleep within minutes ... thus ... no morning walks for her.

Monday, July 24, 2017

A New Battle With Mosquitoes

Were these mosquitoes late Sunday night in the house because they were small enough to move through the small design of the window screens. I have brand new screens, no holes, and nowhere could I see where they could get in to infiltrate the house and attack me with vengeance just before going to bed. I kept dreaming about them and could feel new bites while I slept.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sadie's Thrilled To Walk & A Lot Of Landscaping Progress

With Heidi refusing to go outside after lunch, Sadie and Stella were already outside starting their walk, whether I intended to come or not. With the winds still strong, I could barely feel the humidity rising as we finished the walk. What a relief to feel 15°-18° cooler today. With the ground really soft I had some big plans for later this afternoon.

I Found Out What Rain Was

I made a comment Saturday night over on Al's blog, The Bayfield Bunch, "rain??? rain??? what's that?" ... well starting about 12:30am local time last night I found out really quick what rain was, plus loud thunder, bright lightning and high winds. Even Stella stood up from sleeping to check to see if everything was okay.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Planting Flowers Stopped After 20 Minutes

I underestimated the heat yesterday, forgetting just how hot these 'dog days' get and for how long. I was willing to wait until 9:30pm for it to cool down for a 2nd walk of the day ... but it never happened. The hounds seemed satisfied sleeping in air conditioned air even past that 10pm hour.

Friday, July 21, 2017

You WILL LOVE This Senior Moment ... LOL

I'll warn you now, if you are drinking something from a glass, cup or can, you might sit it down and step away. The story I will relay to you in this post MAY make you laugh so much that you are out of control ... that nothing near you will be safe. I am still trying to believe it and after 4 hours I still cannot comprehend what my eyes told me ... and my rake.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Japanese Yews Are Pulled Out By Mistake !!

It started like any other morning, except for a couple of changes. The hounds had their walk at the normal time but I was headed to Bloomington to buy some dog shampoo for Stella and an Epson printer ribbon for me. Little did I know what a shock I would have when I returned from my trip ... Not until I returned and pulled into the driveway did I see that the Yews were in the process of being pulled out of the ground and taken away !!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stella Expands Her Boundary

Stella's new adventure started as soon as the walk did. As usual she headed away from Sadie and I. By the time I looked back to see where she was, she was already past the north edge of the yard, heading next door. I yelled her name and for some strange reason she reacted immediately with an 'about face' and trotted toward our path.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Hounds Survive Another Hot Day

The temperature looked pretty cool just after noon on Monday when the hounds were fed. As I opened the door to let the hounds outside for their afternoon lunch break, the heat from the outdoor oven hit me square in the face. The heat index said 102° and I was pretty certain that was accurate by the way it felt. All three hounds came outside but didn't stay out long and didn't move much further than a few steps.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Where's Heidi??

Recently the photos on the blog all seem to be of Stella and Sadie. I might catch Heidi sometimes in the afternoon right after lunch but it's rare for any other times. Because of that, a few readers have asked if Heidi is okay, where is she?, does she go on our walks anymore? Well .... for any chances of a Heidi photo shoot or her walking, the temps have to be between 70°-75° and NOTHING before noon ... unless lunch is being served.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hounds Enjoy Another Quiet Weekend

I spoke about a lot of plans yesterday, at least a lot for me. I'm surprised to say I finished everything I wanted to and the perfect time to get things done since it's much hotter today. Those two pictured above supervised the trimming of the Yews on Saturday.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Looks Like A Busy Saturday Is On The Way

After a long session of sleep Friday night, all of us were up at the crack of dawn this morning. I think the coffee might taste better when it's made before the sun comes up. That meant our first walk of the day was made a minute after 8am and with the field shaded most of the way, the heavy dew soaked through my hiking boots to my socks. I can tell it's going to be a busy day today.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Lot Of New Info Today

The day has been jammed packed with all kinds of activity and it's not even 2pm when I am writing this. Just glancing at the picture above, one of our first of the day without my new circular polarizing filter I can see a major difference. I think you will too in some photographs below.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Hounds Slept Through The Afternoon

I can't tell you just how fast our afternoon went. The only thing different than yesterday, was that I stayed awake all afternoon ... but hounds didn't. Stella slept next to my chair, Sadie moved to the bedroom on her dog bed in the corner and Heidi went back to the floor next to the air condition register right after her lunch break.

Firefox Browser Is A Data Hog

Under overcast skies, sounds of thunder and storms all around us ... we will stay dry for most of the day. There is something about that I-70 corridor as it has thunderstorms and snow storms follow it across the state. It didn't take me long to find out this morning why I stopped using Firefox ... it's a data hog ... I'll discuss it at the end of this post.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Some Rambling To Close The Day

After removing the old thermometer from the wall in the carport a year or so ago, due to swallows building their nest there and then crapping all over my cars ... it's been sitting in the corner giving accurate information while I decide where to put it next. I'm thinking of mounting it on the wall it leans against, yet that is in the corner and would that be a few degrees warmer?

The Hackers Are Out Playing

Recently I've noticed a lot more junk mail being blocked by my Apple Mail than normal. Sometime last year all the spam experts decided they liked the email address I have here on my contact page. So I use that address most of the time when a website needs an email address either for me to log in or contact information. That way if they want to spam it my personal email address is not affected. Blog traffic is also showing Russia, Ukraine and Chine passing Canada in the number of daily visitors to the blog for the #2,3 and 4 highest.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Photos Experiment Continues

Since I only used my iPhone camera yesterday and didn't download anything from my Nikon camera, this picture of the Friday night rain did not show up until my download this morning. While surrounding towns had severe thunderstorms and wind, we had only heavy rain for only 15 minutes.

I didn't post any photos last night after our afternoon walk because using the 'zoom' feature on the iPhone 6s camera did not work out well.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Only iPhone 6s Photos This Morning

I have posted some photos on this blog when I first bought my iPhone 6s last year. I did an experiment before that and sold my iPhone 5s then went to the 'old fashion' flip phone, just for phone calls. It had other email, texting, smart phone features but I only wanted the flip phone for phone calls.

After 10 months I realized I missed some of the features of the iPhone and one of those was a good camera. I was not seeing the same quality with my old Nikon Cool Pix 3100. So I bought the iPhone 6s last year for the other missed features but to also have a new camera for inside shooting. Yet, I have rarely taken blog photos with it. This morning that changed.

Friday, July 07, 2017

What A Hot Afternoon Walk Looks Like

Sometimes it's best when the hounds don't get their way and a little adult supervision (me) is enforced. I let them have their way most of the time but they are never out of control ... they are actually quiet hounds.

Still Confused On Day Of The Week

The highlight of the week has been watching this farmer move his mower along a bank and around an old highway sign no longer in use. He was also able to mow grass right up to the edge of his field without a trimmer and not mowing over his first rows of corn. I'll confirm that he does better at the job of mowing near the highway than the state highway department does.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

A Day Out Of Routine

It mysteriously started last week when I was no longer getting up between 6:30am - 7am and starting our first walk at 8am. Allergies also started acting up more and more, expected this time of year. Maybe it was having a holiday on Tuesday where the public started celebrating the prior Friday or it could have been all the rain forecasted for over a week that never showed up, at least in our zip code. Whatever the reason, today continued to be slightly off track.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Great Deer Sighting ... Right In Front Of Us

Sadie is not looking for rain but suspects mole traffic in that part of the yard. She is right as it's pretty 'swampy' over there as I mow the yard. Last week thunderstorms were in the forecast starting yesterday. Didn't happen. They have been moved out to this afternoon so will will find out if Sadie gets her walk or not.

Monday, July 03, 2017

To The Hounds Everyday Is A Holiday

I knew when I retired in April 2014 that my life would not change much from a weekend routine if I stayed where I have lived now for 20 years. Traveling was an option, but I did not have my answer about traveling with hounds until after our trip in June 2015. What I did not know was that I would become more like the life of a 'hound' ... it's not bad really ... stress free, relaxing and no schedules.

Saturday, July 01, 2017